Starting the New Year with Pneumonia…

I hope everyone had a good New Year…  I started mine on antibiotics, as I was diagnosed with a touch of pneumonia at the bottom of my left lung.  The last time I had pneumonia was in January of 1971, when I was 2 1/2 weeks old.  Though back then, I had it in both lungs and the doctors at UCLA told my parents I had a 50/50 chance of surviving. This time is not as serious…  After a week on the antibiotics didn’t clear up my lung, my doctor then put me on a Medrol packet, a steroid, that seems to be working, though I’ve only been taking it for a couple of days, got 4 more to go.

Two years ago, in November of 2009, my brother, who was living in New Jersey at the time, was diagnosed with double pneumonia and possibly the swine flu.  Two days after my parents and I arrived at his hospital bed, we watched as the doctors performed CPR to no avail, and suddenly he was gone.

What has struck me the last week is that with having pneumonia in only one lung, and my doctor, using only a stephoscope, could hear that I needed a chest x-ray to confirm her hunch that I had pneumonia, but the Morristown, New Jersey Urgent Care center and another doctor who saw my brother 2 days before he was taken to the ER, couldn’t figure out that he was sick, and sent him home.  Though we’re not sure if that actually happened as described to us by my former, estranged, sister-in-law, as my brother couldn’t communicate by the time we arrived, and my “sister-in-law” couldn’t provide us with a name or number for either doctor that saw my brother earlier in the week.  Then again, how could one believe anything from someone who ended up holding his body for ransom in an attempt to extort his life insurance policy from my father.

Thanks for letting me vent; I’ll have a cheerier post this weekend…

Any comments are welcome…(and you don’t have to sign up to leave them!)

one of the many trips we took to Disneyland over the years:

So, How You Doin???


6 comments on “Starting the New Year with Pneumonia…

  1. Michael says:

    very nice look Joel–good luck with WordPress. And feel better!!!

  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Sorry you’ve been sick…..and for the memories it’s bringing up regarding your Brother. Hard stuff!
    Bless you.
    Been on an antibiotic and steroid myself for similar reasons…..let’s both keep inching toward healing!
    Keep hanging in there!

  3. andrea says:

    im sorry uncle joel and i REALLY miss uncle david to but remember he will always be watching over us and we will meet him again luv u and luv u uncle david and nana nd papa and our whole family

  4. Joel says:

    I miss him too Mason. Just know that Nana, Papa, your parents, and I are very proud of both you and your sister, and we will love you for always…

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