My name is Joel, and I am a “Mousejunkie”

For those of you who know me, you should be aware by now that I am a Disney fanatic.  My sister, brother, and I grew up watching reruns of the original Mickey Mouse Club,  took spring and summer trips to Disneyland throughout the 70’s and 80’s (and 90’s and 2000’s,) watched the 1970’s new generation of mouseketeers (not the one with Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake), and thanks to my aunt and uncle, got to go to Disney World in 1984.  Of course, I’ve been trying to go back ever since.  So, you can say I grew up “Disneyized.”


these are from the mid 70’s, probably ’75-77

see my previous post for a pic with my brother (he was a Disney fan as well, but not as much as I am…)

I’ve read books by former castmembers (this is how Disney refers to it’s employees), visit websites created by Disney “experts” who showcase photographs from their multiple trips to Disney parks, offer planning tips and advice on everything you need to know about visiting the parks yourself, and basically just keep you young at heart, which was one of Walt Disney’s goal in creating Disneyland.  I have a list of these sites at the bottom of this post.

As I’ve aged through the years (notice I didn’t say “grown up…) I’ve taken a more photographic interest every time I have visited Disneyland (only live 40 minutes away from it).  Actually I’ve been taking “Disney” pictures since our trip to Disney World when I was 13 and used a Kodak whatchamacallit…

Here are some pictures I took, using my Panasonic Lumix FZ100 on my last visit in April, 2011:


If you are still a Disney fan, young at heart, and would like to read up, view pictures, or just dream…here are a few of my favorite “Disney” sites:

You can also view countless videos taken of the parks on, along with all kinds of pictures and information on the hundreds of thousands of websites on the web.

 Disneyland Resort, California, 2 theme parks, 3 hotels, about 500 acres

  Walt Disney World, Florida, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, 30+ hotels, over 27,000 acres, twice the size of of Manhattan…

I’m looking forward to bringing my camera and shooting tons of pictures at Disney World, if and when I can ever afford to go…any sponsors???

So, How You Doin?


7 comments on “My name is Joel, and I am a “Mousejunkie”

  1. andrea says:

    lovely outfits our parents put us in. those were great days!!!!

  2. Guy says:

    Submarine ride. My favorite. I could have gone on it all day. It was cool and dark and so neat for a kid from the beach. I was on a cruise and a guy at our table… Used to drive those subs around in college! He had some interesting tales!

  3. […] my niece and nephew, and their cousins. In one of my previous posts, I admitted that I am a “mouse junkie,” so in preparing for this visit, I charged up my camera’s battery, and set out to take […]

  4. Gullino John says:

    I’m only go IND disney Land Paris but Not in walt disney World but i wont 😦 but i’m from Germany p.s for my bat englisch

  5. Gullino John says:

    I loooooveee disney

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