Amazing Paths

A friend of mine forwarded an e-mail which contained some amazing pictures of unusual paths and roads, I thought I would share some of them.

Thanks Lillie…


imagine having to ride a bike going up or down that hill

with my balance, I’d have to walk very, very slow…

I’d take those turns slow too

Whoever designed this road in San Francisco must have been stoned at the time…

same as above…

are those supposed to be train tracks or bamboo sticks?

this looks like a fun hike…wonder if they have a zip-line to go with it

what did they use to scrape this out???

nice staircase…good workout

this would make a lot of people nauseous…

I’ve seen videos of planes flying low over beaches, but trains???

May the path your life takes in the next year lead you to fun and adventure, love and peace. (this was included in the e-mail)

So, How’s your year Doin?



I took my car in to the dealer on Thursday as I had been having problems filling up the gas tank recently.  Every time I would pull up to the pump and insert the hose, it would click off after getting about a gallon in.  This happened every time I got gas for about the last 2 months and at various gas stations. It kept cutting off so much, I haven’t been able to fill the tank up, so I took it in.

When I dropped it off at the dealer, the service rep said it might be a problem with the net that’s in the tank.  When he called me Friday afternoon to let me know that my car was ready, he asked if I was sitting down before he told me the problem.  He said that they found a dead spider in the tank, along with multiple spider webs.

Here’s the write up:

As I paid the $10 charge, to cover the gas they put in to confirm the problem, the cashier said she has not heard of anything like this happening before, and wondered how the spider even got into the gas tank.  I smiled, and asked her, “Does this make me Spiderman?”

So, How You Doin?