Time to get political…

This is the 21st Century, or so I thought.  While we do not have flying cars or hover boards depicted in Back To The Future 2, we do have gadgets depicted in Star Trek’s 23rd and 24th Centuries, in the form of communicators (cell phones), video conferencing, computer tablets, to name a few…

But if this really is the 21st Century, why are some people declaring/campaigning for their desire to turn our society back to a time when hate, discrimination, and arrogance were the norm, and basic rights were denied.  Conservatives use the Bible, their prejudices, and lies upon lies to advance their own agenda.  Why are they so “concerned” if two people, who they will never personally meet, or be involved in their lives, get married?  If they are also so concerned about women thinking for themselves, maybe they should move to certain countries in the middle east where they don’t allow women to think at all…

Republicans, aka conservatives, are infamous for telling the government to stay out of their lives, while at the same time use the Bible to tell everyone else how to live theirs.  This week a Baptist Pastor, a supporter of ultra-religious candidate Rick Santorum, declared that America was established as a “Christian nation,” and that people who follow other religions should move to another country.  Santorum also said that we should thank former President Bush for keeping the nation out of a depression.  He neglected to mention that it was Bush who caused the financial crisis in the first place.  Last year Sarah Palin stated that Paul Revere hopped on his horse to inform British soldiers that they wouldn’t be taking the guns of the American fighters.  I wonder if she knows now that Revere, rode his horse to warn the American colonists that the British troops were on their way, though he never made it as he was stopped halfway and arrested by British forces.

With all these statements, I often wonder out loud, “What the hell is wrong with these people, are their heads so far up their asses that they’re loosing brain cells and are now so closed-minded that only an alien invasion would make them remember that we are all human, no matter what color our skin is, what religion we believe in, or who we fall in love with?

I’ve always figured that if we were going to be visited by life forms from another planet, they would have to be more advanced than us, and of superior intelligence.  And if they were of superior intelligence, why the hell would they want to hang out here…

how about honking for a spelling lesson? I've never heard of "Amnety"

no, English is only one of the languages spoken in America, but what the heck is a "lanaguage?"

what is an "offical?"

how about respecting "our" country by using proper English?

how well does Fox News keep you"infromed?" see below:

I wasn't aware of how big Iran actually is, wonder where Iraq went... Thanks for "infroming" me Fox News...

193%, better check your stats again...

excuse me? the answer is no it isn't.

scary that this is true...this was on a car in a school parking lot

this isn't just true, but these days, it's the norm...

How You Doin?


One comment on “Time to get political…

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    It’s sad: While our students now study test questions to pass a particular test, other Countries are studying to actually learn/apply/build on information. No wonder we’re soooooo far behind!

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