Moon’s Out Tonight

Those of you who know me know that I love taking photos using my camera and it’s zoom lens.  And that one of my favorite subjects is the moon.  So as I took out the trash, I noticed that the moon was pretty visible tonight, so I went inside, grabbed my camera and tripod, and headed out back to see what pictures I could get.

My camera has a 24x optical zoom with a 4x digital zoom, with some adjustments to some of the settings, I can get some shots all the way up to 215x zoom.  Lean back a little to get the full effect of the zoom:

inside the "star" is the moon, at eye level, no zoom

20x Zoom: at this range you can make out the "Man in the Moon," possibly the "Rabbit" as well

I think this was 150x...find the "Man" and the "Rabbit" yet?

about 200x; Photoshop auto adjusted the tone and turned the background to black. You can clearly see the "Man" and the "Rabbit" now...if not, lean back

215x, this is as far as I could get the zoom to go...

How You Doin

finding the long rumored “Man in the Moon?”  The “Rabbit,” is in the same area…


4 comments on “Moon’s Out Tonight

  1. Linda B says:

    that camera is WAY better than my iphone camera – that’s for sure!

  2. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    I loved it. Thanks.
    For those of you are familiar with “The Man” in the Moon (just a face) are you interested inseeing “The Rabbit”? It’s an ENTIRE Rabbit-in profile, and is what I grew up seeing (was sooo disappointed to discover the man had ONLY a face, Lol).
    Anyway, for the Rabbit:
    The man’s left eye is the Rabbits forpaws. The right eye (that divides into two at the end) is the head/ears.
    Man’s nose is the Rabbit’s body.
    The smile is the hind feet on left going up to bunny puff tail on right.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, Joel. Glad you love your camera and are therefore in love with the world and all you can capture therein.
    Happy Passover.
    Happy Easter.
    Happy Spring.

  3. […] pretty good at taking pictures, got a camera with a hell of a zoom (see my Moon post for how far I can get), I love animals, and love taking pictures of animals.  And the main feature […]

  4. […] have progressed since then and am currently using the Panasonic Lumix DMC Fz100, which has a great zoom. I might be upgrading to the Lumix Fz200 […]

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