View from Nielsen Field

My 12 year old nephew (a future Major League Baseball player) has played ball at Nielsen Field park in Westchester, CA for years.  What is special about this field, is that it is directly on approach for LAX.  The planes, coming in for a landing from the west, fly right over the park, at only a few hundred feet, making for some good opportunities for my camera to snap some shots, as I stand just past the center field fence, while waiting for my nephew to step up to the plate…  I’m thinking of bringing my tripod next game, as I was fighting gusts of wind last weekend…

I Google mapped the park (top right,) to give a reference as to how close to LAX (bottom left) it is. You hear the planes before you see them...

Once you hear them (loud enough for me...), you look over west, and try to find them before they hide behind the trees.

once they're over the park, you have to "chase" them with your view finder in order to get a good picture...


you get flown over by 737s (Southwest, previous pic) and bigger (airbus?) of Singapore Airlines


I think this is as close as I've gotten over the years of taking pictures at the park


after standing behind the center field wall for 3 innings, I came in and stood behind the fence near homeplate when my nephew was brought in finish the last two innings. He struck out 4 or 5 (I lost count) batters to earn the save...


holding his swing as an outside pitch goes by; notice the plane above the scoreboard.


I am now officially on Spring Break, so,

How You Doin?


2 comments on “View from Nielsen Field

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Hi Joel,

    I could hear those planes! GREAT close-ups!
    Glad you threw in a pic of your Nephew!

    Hope you enjoy Spring Break and do LOTS of things that’ll refuel your body/mind/soul.

    Thinking of you and your family “extra much” during this Holiday Season.

    Take Good Care,

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