I came home from work this afternoon and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I took Bumper out front for a quick walk (basically giving him a chance to do what I had just done.)  As we walked down the driveway, a woman and her two young elementary school sons walked by, neither of them responded to my “Good Afternoon,” nor did they even acknowledge Bumper, who loves it when people who walk by pay him attention.  Before you ask, they were not the anti-dog people from UCLA housing on Sepulveda, they were pearly white, just like me…

What bothered me about all this is that the mother was walking about 3 houses ahead of her kids, never looking back until one finally yelled out to her a few blocks past my house.  Along with all the anti-social people who  walk pass without a word, and the moms/dads who park on our street to go pick up their kids parking right in the middle, so I don’t have enough room to park my own car in front of my house, the disrespect, rudeness, and arrogance I encounter at school every day from students, and news reports of kids/teens committing all sorts of trouble, it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with parents these days.

There are a lot of people who are great parents, then there are also some that never should have been  allowed to become ones.  Sometimes I wonder if animals make better parents:

proud mom



stop mom, you’re embarrassing me…

my mom’s better than your mom!!!

we’re grandparents!!!

Now, let’s compare to some human parental pictures I’ve found on the internet over the years:

at least she hasn’t dropped her purse

wonder if he’s married to the woman in the above pic?

at least they’re teaching him what to grab at the market…

I guess mom’s at the Bachelorette party and it’s his turn to watch the kid…

training for Toddlers and Tiaras???

what the heck is wrong with these humans???

How You Doin?