iSpy the World

If you have an iPad, iTouch, or an iPhone, there is an app named “iSpy cameras” (only $0.99) that plugs into live public video cameras all over the world, thousands of them. A lot of the cameras do not have any delays, some refresh after a second or two, some take a little longer.   But they are live (no audio), showing you what’s actually happening around the world.   Locations range from Los Angeles, CA. to Tauranga Beach, New Zealand and even Moscow, Russia.

You can watch people playing on beaches, college students studying, cars being repaired, fish swimming around in aquariums, people eating at family restaurants and bars, wild animals taking care of their young, and much more.  You name it, and you can probably find it…

Some of the cameras have a “control” option where you can control where the camera is pointing, zooming in/out, looking left/right/up/and down.  There’s even a feature that lets you take a snapshot of what you’re watching and save it on your device, which you can then transfer to your computer and do what you want with it, e-mail the pics to friends or post them on your Blog, which is just what I have done below.

Before I show you some of the “snapshots” I’ve taken, here are some pics of the app I have taken with my cell phone’s camera to orient you about the app:

this is my mom’s iPad. It displays 36 camera scenes per page (the iTouch and iPhone display less due to size.) These are part of my favorites I’ve selected. On the bottom of the screen are your choices to either display random cameras, the top rated ones, recently added ones, your favorites, or search for ones. If you see one that interests you, tap on it and it will expand to fill the entire screen, see below:

When you tap on the camera you want, it opens up to fill the entire screen. This happens to be a shopping center (I think) in Haugesund, Norway. At the top right, is the control button, you tap it to get control of the camera to turn or zoom in. On the bottom in the middle is the “snapshot button,” which when tapped, takes a screen shot of the scene you’re watching.  The heart on the bottom right is shown as blue, indicating it’s one of my 99 favorites.

Here are some of the screen shots I’ve taken:

this is a mother stork (dad was out getting more sticks for the nest) looking after her newly hatched babies on a rooftop in Luzern, Switzerland. I “took” this screenshot last month, scroll down to the bottom of the post for an updated pick…

This is one of my favorites, it’s a lake or river in Sommepy-Tahure, France. Not much to see but the water rippling and the leaves swaying in the wind is beautiful. It looks like something you’d see in a movie…

Prejeans Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Snow capped mountain in Untersbergbahn, Austria. 

a young couple making out at Tauranga Beach in New Zealand.

“Walking on water” at Delphin Aquapark in the Czech Republic. That looks like fun!

it’s amazing how fast birds can grow in a month…soon they’ll be flying away on their own.


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