Wildlife Photographer???

For a while I’ve been thinking about changing careers, as I am quickly approaching burn out working in education.  Recently I’ve focused on possibly getting into the non-profit industry, as I would love to work for an organization that focuses on helping children or animals.  I have sent my resume to multiple places, but haven’t had many bites, mostly just thanking me for sending my resume, that they don’t have any openings at present, but they’ll gladly keep my resume on file for a whole year.  Usually, that means don’t call us, because we’re not calling you.

I think I just decided that I want to try and become a Wildlife Photographer, though I’m not exactly sure how to do so.  I just sent an e-mail to one of my friends, who is a Wildlife Biologist, and asked him if he knows any Wildlife Photographers that can help me break into the field, I’m awaiting his reply…

I’m pretty good at taking pictures, got a camera with a hell of a zoom (see my Moon post for how far I can get), I love animals, and love taking pictures of animals.  And the main feature of taking pictures of animals: they don’t talk back, aren’t arrogant, ignorant, or rude, which is what I’ve been dealing with the last few years…

So, here are some “wildlife” pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of years:

took this last year in Cooperstown, New York. My nephew was in a baseball tournament there (he’s there again as I write this…) and my sister and I rented an apartment up on a mountain (farm country) about 20 minutes from where the tournament was held. The horse, was on another property up the road from where we were staying.

came across these cows on a property further up the road from the horse above. They were pretty far away, so I zoomed in and found that a couple of them were staring at us…

here’s a duck who walked up to me (he was waiting for me to throw down some food pellets I just payed 25 cents for) for him and his friends at Fly Creek, a Cider Mill and Orchard about 15 minutes from the ball park. If you ever go to Cooperstown, make sure you visit…

moving on, here’s a young dolphin at the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

behind the Dolphin Habitat, is Sigfried and Roy’s Secret Garden, where some of their “pets” are on display. The camera I was using at the time was able to zoom in, and “dissolve” the chain link fence blocking the view…

they also have an assortment of lions there as well…

I zoomed in on this bird who landed on a fence across from the La Brea Bakery Cafe in Downtown Disney last year.

this was Duke, our 135 pound flat coated retriever who thought of himself as a lap top. He’s been gone for a few years, but I really like how the picture turned out, and I miss him too..

So, instead of me asking “How You Doin?”

I ask you, “What You Thinkin?”

should I try to become a Wildlife Photographer?


2 comments on “Wildlife Photographer???

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    Hi There!
    I always enjoy your photos.
    Decades ago I knew a Photographer who worked for National Geographic. I still remember part of what he said when he came as my guest to my school: EVERY portion of your picture needs to support the story you are telling. Everything needs to enrich, elaborate or magnify the point you are making. Not JUST your subject….but everything around it….the lighting….ALL of it is part of what tells the story. It’s what will help the viewer feel as you feel when you take the picture. And if you’re not feeling anything while you’re taking the picture, you’re too far away (and he wasn’t meaning physical distance).
    Have no clue if that’ll speak to your heart in any way or not…..but I offer it with loving support that it might help you progress even further in your work….so it’ll GRAB those folks you’re sending the photo’s too.
    It’s been clear you’ve loved your camera’s and all they’re able to do……If this is where your heart is, then may this talent bloom ever more fully a g’zillion differnent ways, getting ever deeper, richer, poignant….and may it convey the message of your heart, and whatever it is you’re wanting to tell the world, may they, thru seeing, hear.
    Keep stretching, striving, growing, changing………when the time comes, your kids are REALLY going to miss out. Wonder what they’d do with a camera in hand, what they’d write about as they tell the story behind their pictures, what math and physicas they’d be able to emply, what geography and history and world view that might be peeked, if they started with a camera? What conversations that might develope, what ponderings and richness might be forthcoming????Hmmmm Just wondering!
    I think some Charter schools might be interested in this approach…….
    May doors open and a vast array of choices and opportunities make themselves available to you…and may you see and recognize them, no matter what form they come in.

  2. Elizabeth U says:

    I think becoming a photographer entails not only talent but the right connections. You might need to create a portfolio to show what makes your photographs different than what is out there.
    It is never too late to pursue what you think is going to make you happy! As long as your realistic and stay committed to your goal you can do whatever you want. I wish you lots of luck!

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