Happy Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving to those who read this Blog…

Thanksgiving in Mitt Romney’s house…

It’s 2012, and the year is drawing to an end.  Of course, according to some religious fanatics, the world only has one month before it all ends…

In the past week, which I refer to as “Memorial Week” for my family, we recognize anniversaries of the deaths of 3 of our family members, my dad’s dad died on November 15, 1968 of a major heart attack, my brother died November 16, 2009 of double pneumonia and the swine flu, and my mom’s dad died November 19, 1996 of a major heart attack as well.  November 21st, yesterday, marked 12 years since I was diagnosed with cancer, which was taken care of with surgery and has not come back since (knock on wood)…  My oncologist, who I saw 2 weeks ago, says that I am fine…

But this week, we also had reason to celebrate, as my nephew became a Bar Mitzvah, in front of his family and friends.  The reception, at a nearby school’s reception hall, was decorated in a baseball theme, as my nephew is an aspiring Major League pitcher.  The food was appropriate for the ballpark, seating was assigned and “game” tickets were given as to what table to go to.  It was also very loud, especially for someone who has two hearing aids in, which act as amplifiers.  I had a headache for 2 days after…  I give kudos to my sister for coming up with the planning and pulling it all off; just as she would give me kudos for creating the program (basically the same as I did for my niece’s Bat Mitvah) and the seating tickets.  My niece created a video of all the photos of her brother from birth to now, from a PowerPoint file I put together.  Saw people I hadn’t seen in a while, along with a lot that I had no idea who they were.  All in all, it was a great event, something my nephew will remember for his whole life.

Getting back to Thanksgiving, when I was younger, mostly in the 70’s, it was great to wake up early and smell the turkey cooking in the oven, then running out to the family room to watch the Macy’s parade on TV.  Back then it was live, the coverage was great, the hosts didn’t talk as much as they do now, and the performers on the floats actually sang live, not lip synced.  This morning I caught a snip-pit of the taped parade just as a float with some “famous” singer, can’t remember who, and he broke out lip syncing, not one of his own signature songs, but Jerry Lee Lewis’  54 year old “Great Balls of Fire.”  I walked away, didn’t bother watching the rest of the parade, took out some trash, noticed the trees in our neighborhood, came back in and grabbed my camera:

one of the reasons I love Fall, the colors that come out…

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, this weekend I’m going to post a list of all the things I’m thankful for…and a few I’m not



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  1. Michael says:

    Nice post and nice pic!

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