Wish I could’ve gone….

In June, 2009, 5 months before my brother got sick and lost his life (for the whole story about this, click here), he went to Hawaii for a vacation he had fully paid for months before.  Even though he and my former sister-in-law had separated in February, he didn’t want to let his money go to waist.  At first he asked me if I wanted to go with him, but due to work, I had to decline.  So, he did what he thought would be the “proper” thing to do, he asked his “wife” if she still wanted to go, though it would not be a romantic trip, more of a sight seeing one.

While they were there, my brother took a few hundred pictures and videos, and a few weeks later posted most of them on Flickr.com.  His pictures varied between sunsets, sun rises, beach views, and a few from a volcano.  He only included one picture of his “wife,” a shot taken at least 20 feet away, with her back turned to him…

At the time he was using a more expensive and advanced camera than I had.  But he did acknowledge that I was the better photographer in the family…

Here are some of my favorite shots he took, I “touched them up” with Photoshop…:

a beautiful sunset

a beautiful sunset

sun setting in Maui

sun setting in Maui

another sunset in Maui

another sunset in Maui

ocean view from the Westin Maui

ocean view from the Westin Maui

sunrise as seen from on top of Haleakalā

sunrise as seen from on top of Haleakalā

"waterfall" at the Polynesian Cultural Center

“waterfall” at the Polynesian Cultural Center

One of the things that I was always jealous of, was that he got to travel a lot for his job.  He got to go oversees a few times, along with many cities around the U.S.  The tip of the iceberg was the conferences he went to that were held in Orlando, Florida.  He took lots of pictures on those trips too, even posted them on Flickr as well, but a “certain someone” took all of those down.

Anyways…I’m pretty sure he would be impressed with how my photography has evolved over the last 3 and a half years since he’s been gone…  I just wish he could be here to see it himself…

so I ask:



3 comments on “Wish I could’ve gone….

  1. Lu says:

    My favorite of these is the sunrise as seen from on top of Haleakalā. Thanks for sharing them…..wish you had all of them, and yes, I wish your Brother were here to see how your photography’s evolved over the years.

    I’m sorry things weren’t such that the two of you could have traveled together.
    ….and, I’m sorry that you’re missing him tonight. (I know if my Brother weren’t here, he’d leave a ginormous hole in my life). Bless you.

  2. Sam Gerber says:

    I’m telling you, you do take a great picture………Sammy

    On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 8:03 PM, How You Doin?

  3. Michael Cohen says:

    beautiful pics

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