Trees and the City…

For the last few months, the branches from the trees on our block have been “kicked off” and thrown to the ground by the trees.  In July, a nice big one fell on my car and caused a little over $1800 worth of damage, I’m still waiting for my deductible to be refunded.


the branch bounced off the car, putting dents and scratches in the front and side passenger panels…

luckily this one just fell by the side, didn't touch my car.

Last week this little one fell too, luckily it just fell by the side, didn’t touch my car.

There have been other branches falling on other lawns on the block, so the city decided that it was probably time to “trim” the trees.  Upon coming home yesterday, I noticed notices nailed to every tree on the block:

tree cut sign

So knowing what the city’s tree trimmers are capable of, last year they butchered one of my neighbor’s older trees (amazingly it’s grown back) I grabbed my camera yesterday to get some shots of my block and the fall foliage, before the city came in and cut them up:

I love the colors of fall...

I love the colors of fall…

trees postcut 10.22.13

the final look…

sure opens up the view down the street…




3 comments on “Trees and the City…

  1. Lu says:

    Sorry about your car.
    Enjoyed your photos!
    Autumn’s my favorite time of year as well! (And those are the colors of my livingroom).

  2. Sam Gerber says:

    You better park your car in the middle of an intersection where trees don”t grow. Sounds like if you didn”t have any bad luck, you wouldn”t have any luck at all. Hello to the grown-ups, hope they had a good time on their trip. Sammy

    On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 4:42 PM, How You Doin?

  3. Great post Joel. I know that street well.

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