37 Years ago…

Sometime in 1976 (I think), my parents, my sister and I were watching an ABC special about Vietnamese children fathered by American soldiers during the Vietnam war.  My sister turned to our parents and asked, “can we do something?”  My parents, who had always considered adopting said “we’ll look into it.”  After making some phone calls, my parents hit a brick wall and soon considered adopting from another country.  They called the Children’s Home Society in downtown Los Angeles and were soon given an opportunity, a small child who was discovered abandoned on the doorsteps of a South Korean orphanage, which happened to be next to an American army base.

We had a family discussion, and we all agreed, he had a home with us.  A few weeks or months later, I can’t remember since I was only 6 at the time, my mom when picking me up from kindergarten, gave me a picture of my soon to be brother that was sent from the C.H.S.:

the woman was one of the caretakers at the orphanage

his “foster grandmother” after leaving the orphanage (according to mom)


Fast-forward to April 11, 1977 and we headed to LAX to join other families who were adopting as well.  The Pan Am flight landed and taxied to the gate, but nobody got off.  They made an announcement that one of the children had gotten sick on the flight over and the rest would be brought out momentarily.  My mom’s response to the announcement: “that poor family…” After a short delay, social workers came through the walkway and spread out bringing the children to their new families, but no one came to us.  Mom started to worry and wonder if David (mom and dad had picked the name earlier) ever made the flight.  Soon, a social worker approached us, carrying him.  He was wearing p.j.s and his clothes were in a ziplock, as he was the one who had gotten sick…

We gave him a big lollipop and a wooden plane, he seemed happy to be with his new family.  We went home, and when he stepped in the house, he saw our black labrador, Ebony, though the window, and promptly threw the plane at her.  He wasn’t used to seeing dogs, as in Korea, they eat them…  But he soon warmed up, and learned to love her as we all did.

After he settled down, we all went out front to introduce him to the neighbors, and take some pictures:

our first picture as brothers...

our first picture as brothers…


a year later we all attended a "reunion" picnic at the Children's Home Society.  Notice I had a "camera"

a year later we all attended a “reunion” picnic at the Children’s Home Society. Notice I had a “camera”


Well, I’m off to enjoy my spring “staycation”